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Date:25 Sep 1998 Occasion:Dasara Place:Prashanti Nilayam

The Path Of Love

Sathyam Maatha, Pithaa Jnaanam,
Dharmo Bhraatha, Daya Sakhaa,
Shaanthi Pathni, Kshama Putraha,
Shadayithe Jana Baandhavaha

Embodiments of Love!

For those who are leading a worldly life, it is rather difficult to understand spirituality. But it is essential for everyone, who is treading along the Outward Path (Pravritthi Maarga) to know Divinity. In this world, every individual has a mother. But Truth is the mother of the entire humanity. Those who follow this mother will never face any difficulties in life. The worldly mothers are bound by space and time and will have to leave their bodies at one point of time, but Truth is not limited by space and time and remains the same in all the three periods of time. It is the master of all the three worlds. So, everyone must necessarily follow such a noble mother (Truth).

"Pitha Jnaanam," Wisdom is the father. Wisdom does not mean worldly knowledge. "Advaitha Darshanam Jnaanam," True Wisdom confers the experience of non-dualism.

"Dharmo Bhraatha," Dharma is the brother. This brother is the embodiment of Love, and loves the entire humanity, irrespective of caste, creed, nationality and religion. Basing on this, the Vedas gave utmost importance to Truth and Righteousness. In the great epic Ramayana, Lakshmana personified this principle of Dharma. When he fainted in the battlefield, Rama lamented saying that he could get a consort like Sita, a mother like Kausalya, but not a brother like Lakshmana. Rama said His Divinity blossomed because he had a brother like Lakshmana.

"Daya Sakha," Compassion is the true friend. In this world a friend today may become an enemy tomorrow. But, there is no greater friend than Compassion.

"Shaantham Pathni," Peace is the wife. This is the precious jewel of saints, and is the royal path in the spiritual field.

"Kshama Putraha," Forgiveness is the son. There is no greater quality than forgiveness. It encompasses all the good qualities like Truth, Righteousness, Non-violence and it is the essence of all Vedas.

Therefore, for every individual, the true relations are Truth, Wisdom, Righteousness, Compassion, Peace and Forgiveness. The whole world is full of agitation and disturbance because of lack of these sacred qualities.

Embodiments of Love! You should always remember your true mother and father. You cannot exist without them. The whole creation has emerged from Truth and merges back into it. There is no place where Truth does not exist. It is the good fortune of human beings to have this eternal Truth as their mother. But, today humanity does not follow such a sacred mother. You worship Goddess Devi in these nine days, Devi Navaratri. You consider Devi as your Divine Mother. This Goddess Devi is called Sathya Swaroopini, which means She is the embodiment of Truth. So, worshipping Truth amounts to worshipping the Goddess Devi. If you understand and follow this Truth, you will be successful in every field. Veda also proclaims this Truth. There are many in this world who have gone through these Vedas and sacred texts, but their views seem to be diverted and perverted. Since ancient times, the sages and saints undertook many spiritual practices in quest of Truth. They determined not to give up till they had the vision of Truth. Ultimately they declared to the world that they had seen God, who is all brilliance, full of effulgence and is beyond the darkness of ignorance. They also declared that God is not far-off in a distant land, but is present in the human body. The saints had the vision of God, who is Chinmaya (full of effulgence) in the body, which is Mrinmaya (made of mud). So, we should not underestimate the human body and use it for mean and worldly pleasures. Body is the temple of God. This body may be compared to an iron chest. Just as the precious jewels are kept in the iron chest, so also God is present in the human body. So, the body has to be maintained and made proper use of for the sake of the precious jewel, Atma. You get jewels only from earth. Similarly, you have to search for the jewel of Atma only in the body, which is made of mud.

Let us investigate, what comes in the way of experiencing the Atmic Principle. Ego and attachment stand as obstacles in our path. Only when you give up this ego and attachment, you will have purity of heart, which in turn will lead to the experience of Supreme Wisdom. The more you develop attachment, the more restless you become. Ego is much more dangerous. It has become an incurable disease in human beings. So, you have to keep ego and attachment under control and engage yourself in the quest of Atmic bliss.

During these sacred nine days (Navaratri), people go through the sacred texts such as Devi Bhagavatha, Ramayana and Mahabharatha. People also worship the deities Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. This Trinity is present in the principle of Truth. Goddess Gayathri has three heads. They are: Gayathri, Savitri and Saraswathi. Gayathri is the presiding deity of your senses. Savitri is the presiding deity of Life Principle. Saraswathi is the presiding deity of speech. All these three are within the same principle of Truth. Gayathri Mantra begins with "Om Bhur Bhuvah Suvah". 'Bhu means Materialisation (Body); 'Bhuvah' means Vibration (Life Principle}; Suvah' means Radiation (Atma). Venkataraman, the previous speaker, said that the matter became energy and vice-versa. From a scientist's point of view, that is true. But, in My view, matter and energy do not exist separately. Matter is energy and energy is matter. These two are interdependent and interrelated. In fact, there is no matter in this world, wherever you see, you find only energy.

During these nine days Goddess Shakthi (Principle of Energy) is worshipped. Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Forgiveness are all the expressions of the Principle of Shakthi. Truth is the primal cause. There is nothing other than this. All faculties of energy are present in this Truth. So consider Truth as your mother and follow it. The Vedas proclaim, " Sathyam Vada; Dharmam Chara," which means speak Truth and follow Righteousness. Unfortunately, today people do not follow this. This is the cause of all suffering. Ancients gave utmost priority to Truth and Righteousness. They followed the dictates of their' conscience. But today such an attitude is lacking.

Many people say they are in search of Divinity. Once you follow the path of Truth, you will find Divinity everywhere. A small example: The same eyes see the mother, daughter, wife and sister. Here you need to inquire as to what kind of feeling you should have towards each. This is the quest for Truth. Mother should be viewed with reverence and respect, daughter should be considered as a part of your own being. In this way you should inquire and understand the Truth.

If you just go by the direct evidence of what you see, you will never know the Truth. All that you see is bound to perish. There are many things, which cannot be perceived by the naked eye. In spiritual path everyone wants direct evidence (Pratyaksha Pramanam). But direct evidence cannot constitute the entire Truth. For example: You see a person who is four feet five inches tall, weighing forty-five kilograms and fair complexioned. All these can be seen by the naked eye. But you cannot go merely by these physical qualities. You should also take into consideration the unseen qualities in him such as love, compassion, anger etc. It is utter foolishness if you go by the physical form, which is direct evidence. It is not possible to see the direct manifestation of God. God, who is the embodiment of Truth and Righteousness, is everywhere. So, you practice Truth and Righteousness and enjoy the bliss.

For everything, conscience is the witness. If you do not follow the conscience, everything becomes unsacred. Atma is the eternal witness and that is conscience. Atma is everywhere. It is in every individual and every creature. It has no form. it is attributeless, eternal, ancient, unsullied, immortal. Who can understand such an Atmic Principle? You speak of Truth and consider whatever you see and hear as Truth, but all this is limited to senses. But Atma is beyond senses. Then how to know this Atmic Principle? You do not need to search for this elsewhere. Turn your vision inward. The Vedas said: "Pashyannapi na pashyathi moodho," he is a fool who sees, yet does not see. All that you see is Divine, but you mistake it for Nature. The one with Atmic vision will see the entire Nature as Divine. But if you have the worldly view, you can only see the world. "Viswarn Vishnu mayam," Vishnu pervades the entire universe. Names and forms may vary, but Atma is uniform in all. To understand this unity, you have to turn your vision inward. There is no separate path to know God other than knowing one's own Self.

There is no human being that has no hunger for food. Similarly, you should also have hunger for God. Some people may call it madness; that is their madness. Each has his faith, conviction and experience. No one has the right to criticize others.

It is only the body that has birth and death, but Atma has no birth and no death. It has no beginning and no end. It is the all-pervading eternal Brahma. Who is Brahman? He is not the one with four heads as described in books. Brahma is vastness. You find only Brahma wherever you see. This expansion of Love is God. The feeling of 'my body' is contraction of Love, which is death. So, you should expand your Love. Your Love should not be limited to your family and relations.

In Mathematics 1+1+1+1 becomes 4. The number increases or decreases depending on whether 1 is added or subtracted. But in spiritual mathematics, Atma+Atma+ Atma results again in Atma. It does not increase or decrease. The first name of Atma is '1'. Vedas declared. "Aham Brahmasmi' (I am Brahman). This '1' is the first name of God. It is possible to know this '1' only by following the path of Truth.

In this world, only Truth exists, there is no falsehood. If you find falsehood, the mistake lies in your vision (Drishti) and not the the Creation (Srishti). If you put on blue glasses, the world appears as blue in color; if you put on red glasses, you will find only redness all around. The defect lies with the color of the glasses, but not with the world. The very principle of creation is Divinity. "Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma," so revere everyone as Brahman. Love everyone as Brahman. Then there will be no scope for hatred or enmity. What is the reason for all agitation in this world? It is the lack of equanimity. Only through equanimity, you can develop Love.

Embodiments of Love! In these seven days of Yajna, we have seven modes of worship. We call it 'Sapthaham,' seven day event. What is the significance of having a 'Sapthaham'? This number 'Seven' is very significant in Numerology. In music, we have Saptha Swaras (Seven Notes). There are Seven Oceans, Seven Rishis, Seven colors and Seven Worlds. They are all within us. There is nothing beyond you. It is foolishness to think that God is separate from you and search for Him outside. You are God. But since you identify yourself with body, you are not able to understand this Truth. Body is like a water bubble, and mind is like a mad monkey. Why do you rely on these two? Follow your conscience. Only then you will have self-satisfaction.

Atma symbolizes 'Hridaya' (Spiritual Heart). God dwells in 'Hridaya'. Only sacred qualities should emerge out of 'Hridaya'. But instead animal qualities like anger, hatred and jealousy emerge; then you are a beast, not a human being. Such a heart is a dwelling place for animals, not God. If you conduct yourself with peace, love and compassion, then you are God. The Navaratri worship has been started in order to foster sacred qualities in us. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi symbolize the three attributes, Satwa, Rajas and Thamas. Satwic qualities emerge out of 'Hridaya', Rajasic out of throat and Thamasic out of tongue. 'Hridaya' is the center of Love and Peace.

You would have heard the name 'Dasaratha'. Who is he? He is not the king of Ayodhya. Dasaratha refers to the human body that has got five senses of perception and five senses of action. The master of these ten senses is Dasaratha. This body is a chariot and Dasaratha is the master of this chariot. He had three wives. They signify Satwic, Rajasic and Thamasic qualities. He had four sons. They signify the four objectives of life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. What is the capital of Dasaratha's kingdom? 'Ayodhya' which means it is a place where no one can get into. It signifies 'Hridaya', where no wicked qualities can enter.

The entire universe is within you. The mountains may appear smooth from a distance, but once you go near, you will know the truth. It is the distance that lends enchantment. As long as you think that Kailasa, Vaikuntha and Swarga are at a distant place, you will go mad thinking of them. But actually all of them are in your 'Hridaya'. Your happiness is heaven and your misery is hell. The concept of hell and heaven is introduced in order to see that you do only good. Heaven and hell are not separate; they are in your mind. What is the cause of misery? Your own actions. Buddha did penance for six long years. One day he opened his eyes and said, he had caught hold of the thief. Who is the thief? It is the mind. He realized that mind was the root cause of all suffering. If you control your mind, you will never suffer. Churchill said, "Man has conquered everything, but he has not conquered himself." Man is trying to know everything without understanding his true Self. Know thy Self, then you will know everything. This is what the Upanishads said, "Try to know and experience that by which everything is known and experienced." That is Atmic bliss, which is eternal and supreme. "True happiness lies in union with God." If you are with the world, you will never get happiness.

Human heart can be compared to the Ocean of Milk (Ksheera Sagara), but today it has become one of salinity (Kshaara Sagara). Lord Vishnu reclines on the Ocean of Milk, which means He resides in our hearts. But if we make our heart into 'Kshaara Sagara', then whales and sharks (bad qualities) enter. Human heart should be pure, only then Lord Vishnu can recline on it. If you understand God, you will not search for Him outside. "God is with you, in you, above you, below you, around you." There is no one nearer than God. God is nearer than your physical mother. So, worship God as your mother, who is the embodiment of Truth.

I always begin My discourse with a sloka or a poem and conclude it with a bhajan. Do you know what they are? The first poem or sloka is like a plate, the discourse can be compared to the various delicious items that are served on the plate, and the bhajan in the end is like a plate covering the delicious items. Do not treat this as a Mandhu (medicine), thereby taking a little. Treat this as a Vindhu (banquet) and partake of the delicious items that I serve to the maximum extent. Experience and enjoy this banquet.

Students! Embodiments of Love! You have got to learn many things in daily life. First know the mistakes in your life and try to correct them. Love is essential to become a complete human being. If you follow the path of Love, everything becomes Love.

(Bhagavan concluded His discourse with the bhajan, "Prema Mudhitha Manase Kaha ... ")