Om Sai Ram


Through the awareness of the Divine alone can we really bring true peace to the world. There is no doubt that considerable effort is being made by great leaders of the world in the material plane to bring about peace and harmony. But Sai does not see any sign of success.

The only way left is for us to turn our mind within ourselves and find out the true and everlasting basis, the Supreme Source, from which alone can we get true happiness and peace in the world. The basis is God, who is in fact dwelling in the hearts of everyone of us. He is the Universal Spirit.

Everyone of us is the very embodiment of Divinity. Your true being is Sath-Chith-Ananda, representing Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. You have forgotten this truth. Remember it now, and take the holy and powerful name of the Reality until your mind disappears and you stand revealed as Truth itself, and enjoy, as Sai has been enjoying, that Eternal Bliss which never exhausts itself.

With Blessings,

(Letter to His students. From Prema Dhara, a collection of Swami's letters)