g:n:S: B:j:n:
  1. A:ed p:jy: dv: g:j:an:n:a g::rihr t:n:y: S:B:an:n: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k es:e ev:n:ay:k j:y: j:g: v:dn: t:v: c:rN:
  2. (Oh, Lord Gajaanana, darling son of Gauri who destroys obstacles and confers success. Entire creation pays obeisance and worship Thy Feet.)
  3. Amb:a B:v:an:i eS:v: S:mB: km:ar :i g:N: n:aT: S:at:akar p:raN: p:,\:a s:ty: s:aI n:aT: )N:v: sv:-p: p:rt:iS:a
  4. (Beloved Son of Shivaa and Parvati; O Lord Ganesha, Lord of Ganas (demi-gods), Giver of peace, O Lord Sathya Sai, You are the supreme Being, You are the Form of Om, Lord of Puttaparthi)
  5. b:al: g:j:an:n: n:m:: n:m:: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k n:m:: n:m:: p:av:t:i n:dn: n:m:: n:m:: es:e ev:n:ay:k b:e )day:k ev:j:y: g:j:an:n: n:m:: n:m:: g:g:aD:r s:t: n:m:: n:m:: l:b::dr h n:m:: n:m::
  6. (Reverential salutations to You, Young Ganesh, destroyer of obstacles, son of Parvati and Shiva; Granter of spiritual attainments and bestower of intellect, discrimination and determination, Victorious Ganesha, our salutations to Thee!)
  7. B:Vt: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k B:eVt: m:eVt: )day:k B:Vt: kaex:t: day:k B:v: B:eVt: )day:k h dy:a en:D: g:N:p:t: din:b:D: kp:a en:D: A es:e ev:n:ay:k E m::x: )day:k A s:p:da day:k s:ep:al: ev:n:ay:k
  8. (Oh Vinaayaka (Ganesha) dispeller of all obstructions of devotees, The bestower of Liberation; You provide everything desired by devotees; You are the bestower of Devotion; Hey Ganesha, Thou art full of mercy and compassion; You are the friend of the meek; You bestow the eight boons, You bestow Liberation; Hey Ganesha, Thou art verily the keeper of creation)
  9. B:v:an:i n:dn: b:al: g:j:an:n: )N:v: sv:-p: p:aeh h p:ret:p:ri:r p:aeh (s:aI)
  10. (O Son of Mother Bhavani, Lord Gajaanana! Kindly grant protection. O Lord of Parthi.)
  11. c:d kl:aD:r g::ri eS:v:atm:j: g:j:v:dn: g:N:n:aT: S:B:an:n: )N:v:akar p:S:p:et: n:dn: p:aeh )B:: m:a p:aeh g:j:an:n:
  12. (The offspring of Gauri (Parvati) and Shiva (adorned by the moon) Gajavadana (the elephant faced One), Gananatha (the chief of Ganas) Shubhaanana (the one who causes auspicious things to happen) You are the form of Primal Sound (Om), son of Pashupati (Shiva) Protect us Oh Lord, Protect us Oh Gajaanana (Ganesha))
  13. g:j: m:K: g:j: m:K: g:N:n:aT: s:r m:en: v:edt: g:N: S:il:
  14. ((Our salutations to) the elephant faced Lord Ganesha, endowed with the best of qualities, who is Chief of the Ganas or demi-gods, and is worshipped alike by sages and saints.)
  15. g:j: v:dn: g:j:an:n: g::ri t:n:y: g:j:an:n: j:y: j:y: j:y: g:j:an:n: j:y: j:y: j:y: g:j:an:n: dv:aeD: dv: g:j:an:n: g::ri t:n:y: g:j:an:n:
  16. (Victory to Lord of Lords - Lord Gajaanana, beloved son of Mother Gauri. Chant the name of Elephant faced Lord Gajaanana).
  17. g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: h g:N: n:aT: g::ri t:n:y: dy:a m:ay:a g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: B:v:n:aD:ar )N:v: sv:-p: p:al:y: p:al:y: p:ret:p:riS:
  18. (Protect, Protect O Lord of Parthi! Thou art the Lord of Creation and life force of all Beings, Prince of Mother Gauri, Elephant-faced One and Lord of all Lords, Thou art extremely merciful.)
  19. g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: g:j:an:n: es:e ev:n:ay:k b:al: g:j:an:n: m:g:l: kr: )B: ev:j:y: g:j:an:n: j:y: h S:mB:: S:kr n:dn: s:r n:r v:edt: p:jy: g:j:an:n:
  20. (Hey Gajaanana (Ganesha), the elephant faced One, the chieftain of the ganas; Vinaayaka (Ganesha), the One who helps us attain accomplishments, the child Ganesha; Victory to Thee Ganesha; Oh Lord, bring auspiciousness; Victory to Thee - the son of Shiva; You are worshipped by both Gods and mortals, the most holy Ganesha!)
  21. g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: g:j: v:dn: din: n:aT: es:e dat:a eS:v: t:n:y: es:e )day:k g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: B:v: B:y: B:j:n: y:g: y:g: v:edt: j:y: :i g:N:S:
  22. (Elephant-faced Ganesh, Lord of the Ganas and protector of the helpless. Son of Shiva, giver of liberation, destroyer of worldly fears. Glory to Ganesh who is revered through the ages.)
  23. g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: n:aT: g::ri v:r t:n:y: g:N: l:y: g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: n:aT: ev:a day:k b:e )day:k es:e ev:n:ay:k h S:B: day:k
  24. (O Elephant-faced Lord! Lord of Demi-Gods and beloved Son of Mother Gauri; Thou art extremely merciful. You grant auspiciousness and gifts.)
  25. g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: ev:n:ay:k m:hadv: s:D: m:g:l: day:k (g:j: v:dn:) v:d ev:aD:r ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k dy:a es:D: h D:ert: en:v:ark s:aI g:j:an:n: e*:B:v:n: D:ark
  26. (Oh elephant faced Gajaanana (Ganesha), the chieftain of the ganas; You are the son of Mahadeva (Shiva), the bestower of auspiciousness; You are the One who blesses the study of Vedas, the destroyer of obstacles; Oh Lord, the merciful One, the One who dispels misery; You are Lord Sai Gajaaanana (Sai in the form of Gajaanana))
  27. g:j: v:dn: :i g:N:n:aT: Aemb:ka t:n:y: p:aeh )B: ..(g:j: v:dn:..) es:e ev:n:ay:k kv:ly: dat:a p:aS:akS: D:r p:aeh )B: n:m:aem: en:ty: sm:raem: en:ty: din: S:rNy: p:aeh )B:
  28. (O Ganesha with an elephant face, son of Parvati, please bestow Your Grace on us. You are the one to liberate us from the endless cycle of births and deaths. You have been guiding us by using Your lasso and prod. I shall always pray to You. I shall ceaselessly chant Your name in my mind. You have always protected the meek and the humble. Please guide and protect me.)
  29. g:j:an:n: h g:j:an:n: g::ri t:n:y: g:j:an:n: h eS:v:an:dn: j:y: j:g:v:dn: ev:a b:e )day:k p:rm: en:rj:n: m:\:kv:ahn: p:ret:p:ri:r g:j:an:n:
  30. (Oh Gajaanana (Ganesha), son of Gauri (Parvati); Oh Son of Shiva, Victory to the One who is revered by the whole world; You are the one who bestows knowledge and intelligence; Hey Gajaanana, You are the Lord of Puttaparthi)
  31. g:j:an:n: h S:B:an:n: g::ri m:n::hr e)y: n:dn: p:S:p:et: t:n:y: g:j:an:n: p:rm: en:rj:n: S:B:an:n:
  32. (Hey Gajaanana (Ganesha), the auspicious One; The beautiful and Beloved son of Gauri (Parvati); Oh Gajaanana (Ganesha) son of Pashupathi (Shiva) Thou art supremely faultless and the auspicious One)
  33. g:j:an:n: h S:B:an:n: p:rm: en:rj:n: g:j: v:dn: v:# t:NR D:r ev:Gn: ev:n:aS: )N:v: sv:-p: p:ret:p:riS: es:e ev:n:ay:k s:aI g:j:an:n: p:rm: en:rj:n: g:j: v:dn:
  34. (Pray and worship Lord Sai Gajaanana, destroyer of all obstacles, bestower of success and life force of all beings).
  35. g:N:n:aT: g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: din:hrN: es:e dat:a eS:v: t:n:y: b:e )day:k g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: j:y: j:g:v:dn: y:g: y:g: v:dn: j:y: j:g:diS:
  36. (Oh Lord of Ganas, the elephant faced One, the One who dispels misery! You bestow boons, Oh son of Shiva! You bestow intelligence, Lord Ganesha! Victory to the One who is revered by the whole world, the son of Parvati! You are revered throughout the ages (Yugas); Hail Thee, God of the world)
  37. g:N:n:aT: g:N:n:aT: m:\:k v:ahn: j:y: g:N:n:aT: S:rN: S:rN: g:j:an:n: es:D:i ev:n:ay:k g:N:n:aT: m:eVt: )day:k g:N:n:aT: j:g:d:ar j:y: g:N:n:aT: S:rN: S:rN: g:j:an:n:
  38. (I seek refuge in You, Ganesha. You are the God with super natural powers. You are the Lord who gives liberation to people. You are the One who uplifts the whole world. Victory to You, Lord Ganesha.)
  39. g:N:p:et: dv: n:m:: n:m:: es:e ev:n:ay:k g:j: v:dn: ...(g:N:p:et:) B:t: g:N:aeD:p: B:v: B:y: n:aS: eb:mb:aD:r s:t: g:j: v:dn: A:ed p:jy: dv: g::ri g:N:S: Aemb:ka t:n:y: g:N::r
  40. (Salutations to Thee, Lord Ganesh. Thou all-powerful One, master of all beings, savior of mankind from endless births and deaths, son of the Shiva, O primeval God, Our salutations to Thee.)
  41. g:N:p:et: ! j:y: g:N:p:et: ! g:j:m:K: v:rd g:N:p:et: ! m:\:k v:ahn: g:j:an:n: m::dkhst: g:j:an:n: p:rm:en:rj:n: g:j:an:n: p:ad n:m:st: g:j:an:n:
  42. (Victory to Thee, Oh Ganesha! The elephant faced One, the bestower of boons; Gajaana (Ganesha), the One who has the mouse as His vehicle, Ganesha, the One has a modhaka (a sweet preparation) in His hand; Oh Gajaanana - I prostrate at Thy Lotus feet)
  43. g:N:S: S:rN: p:rm: p:av:n: s:ty: s:aIn:a g:j:an:n: en:ty: sm:rN: p:rm: p:av:n: s:ty: s:aIn:a g:j:an:n: s:, S:rN: p:rm: p:av:n: s:ty: s:aIn:a g:j:an:n: B:v: B:y: hrN: p:rm: p:av:n: s:ty: s:aIn:a g:j:an:n:
  44. (To Ganesh, bow in reverence, bow in absolute purity, to the name of Sai, to the elephant-faced Ganesh; Constantly remember the purifying name of Sai, remember the elephant-faced Lord Ganesh; The feet of the guru are purifying, as is the name of Sai and Ganesh, the elephant-faced Lord; All fears are destroyed by the supremely pure name of Sai and by the elephant-faced Lord Ganesh).
  45. g:N:S: S:rN: S:rN: g:N:S: s:aIS: S:rN: S:rN: s:aIS: (4)
  46. (Surrender to Lord Ganesha, Surrender to Lord Sai)
  47. g::ri g:N:S: um:a g:N:S: p:av:t:i n:dn: :i g:N:S: S:rN: g:N:S: S:rN: g:N:S: eS:v: n:dn: g:N:p:et: g:N:S:
  48. (Chant the name of Lord Ganesh, beloved Prince of Mother Gauri, I surrender to Thee, Lord of all Demi-Gods, beloved Prince of Lord Shiva and Mother Guru.)
  49. g::ri n:dn: b:al: g:j:an:n: g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: g:j:an:n: g::ri n:dn: b:al: g:j:an:n: m:hag:N:p:t: s:aI g:j:an:n: g:j:an:n: s:aI g:j:an:n:
  50. (Worship the Lord of Lords, Lord Sai Gajaanana, Lord of Demi-Gods and beloved of Gauri )
  51. g::ri n:dn: g:j:an:n: eg:erj:a n:dn: en:rj:n: (h) g::ri n:dn: g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: S:B:an:n: p:aeh )B:: m:a p:aeh )s:
  52. (O Elephant-faced Lord! O Darling Prince of Mother Gauri! Thou art pure, spotless and pleasing to look at. Kindly protect and be pleased with us.)
  53. g::ri n:dn: s:aI g:j:an:n: g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: g:j:an:n: g::ri n:dn: s:aI g:j:an:n: m:ha g:N:p:t: s:aI g:j:an:n: g:j:an:n: s:aI g:j:an:n:
  54. (Worship Lord of Lords, Lord Sai Gajaanana, Lord of the Ganas(demi-gods) and Beloved son of Gauri)
  55. h g:N:n:aT: g:j:an:n: h rb: g:j:an:n: h g:N:n:aT: g:j:an:n: g::ri n:dn: g:j:an:n: g:j:an:n: h g:j:an:n: es:e ev:n:ay:k g:j:an:n:
  56. (O, elephant faced Lord of the Ganas (demi-gods); O Vinaayaka, the son of Parvati The Lord who bestows success, We chant Thy Name)
  57. h eS:v: n:dn: B:v: B:y: B:j:n: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k g:j:an:n: g:j: v:dn: g:N: n:aT: ev:: v: eS:v: S:mB: km:ar p:av:t:i t:n:y: g:N::r g:N: n:aT: S:B: dat:a p:aeh )B:
  58. (O Ganesha, son of Shiva! You have always granted Your devotees freedom from the eternal cycle of births and deaths. You have constantly removed obstacles from their path. O Lord of demigods, the whole universe adores You. Bestow Your Grace on us O auspicious One!)
  59. h eS:v: n:dn: B:v: B:y: B:j:n: eg:erj:a n:dn: g:an: ev:n::dn: dan:v: m:dn: (2) p:ael:t: din: v:n: g:j:an:n: [2nd Time:] eg:erj:a n:dn:
  60. (This bhajan is dedicated to Ganesha: Son of Shiva and Parvati ; (Girija is a name for Parvati meaning "born of a mountain") Destroyer of the fear of the sea of change; One Who is fond of music; Destroyer of demonic qualities;One Who fosters the meek)
  61. >j:y: g:N:ray:a :i g:N:ray:a j:y: g:N:ray:a :i g:N:ray:a m:g:l: m:et: m::ery:a (2) es:e ev:n:ay:k m:g:l: dat:a (2) A ev:n:ay:k m:g:l: day:k m:g:l: m:et: m::ery:a (2) es:dr v:dn: p:kj: rm:N: (2) es:dr v:dn: p:kj: rm:N: g:N:p:et: b:ab:a m::ery:a (2) m:g:l: m:et: m::ery:a (2)
  62. (Victory to Lord Ganesh, the Lord who brings auspiciousness. Victory to Vinayaka (Lord Ganesh) who gives us all that we want. Victory to Lord Ganapathi who is adorned with Kumkum)
  63. j:y: j:y: j:y: g:N: n:ay:k j:y: j:y: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k j:y: S:B: m:g:l: day:k ev:a b:e )day:k g:j: v:dn:a g::ri n:dn: (2) g:g:aD:r eS:v: S:mB:: n:dn:
  64. (Glory to the leader of the Ganas, to the destroyer of obstacles; To the bestower of good fortune and one who grants intelligence; To Gauri's son Ganesh with the elephant face, son of Shiva who bears the Ganges river)
  65. j:y: j:y: j:y: h g:j:an:n: g:j:an:n: s:aI g:j: v:dn:a p:av:t:i n:dn: g:j:an:n: p:S:p:et: t:n:y: g:j:an:n: A:ed p:jy: dv: g:j:an:n:
  66. (Victory to Thee, Hey Gajaanana (elephant faced One - Lord Ganesh) Oh son of Parvati, son of Pashupathi (Shiva), the ancient and auspicious One, victory to Thee)
  67. j:y: j:y: j:y: j:y: g:N:p:et: dv: g:j:an:n:, g:j:an:n: g:j:an:n: h, g:N:p:et: dv: m:at:a p:av:t:i ep:t:a m:hadv: g:j:an:n: h g:N:p:et: dv:
  68. (Glory to the Lord of the Ganas; Ganesha who has the head of an elephant; His mother is Parvati, his father, Shiva.)
  69. j:y: :i g:N:S: ev:Gn: n:aS: g:j:an:n: ev:a b:e s:v: es:e p:rj:n: j:y: :i g:N:S: ev:Gn: n:aS: g:j:an:n: j:y: h rB:a h j:g:db:a n:dn: Ok dt: dy:av:t: S:B:an:n: m:g:l: day:k h ev:n:ay:k v:dn:
  70. (Victory to Lord Ganesh, destroyer of obstacles and grantor of good intelligence and success. Victory to beloved son of Mother of Universe, Mother Rambha. Worship Elephant-Faced Lord Vinaayaka, who has one tusk.)
  71. j:y: dv: j:y: dv: j:y: j:y: g:N:p:et: dv: ev:a day:k b:e )day:k v:i es:e kr: dv: eg:erj:an:ndn: b:l: g:j:an:n: j:y: l:b::dr m:\:k v:ahn:
  72. (Glory to Lord Ganesha, The Leader of the "Ganas" (Ganas: volunteers of Lord Shiva) The Giver of Knowledge and Promoter of intellect, Also the Giver of prosperity and achievements Victory to the Lord with the long nose, Whose vehicle is the mouse, The Son of Mother Gauri)
  73. j:y: g:N:S: dv: j:y: g:N:S: p:جp:ret: v:as: s:aI g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: dv: j:y: g:N:S:, p:جp:ret: v:as: s:aI g:N:S: p:av:t:i n:dn: j:y: :i g:N:S:, eS:rRi p:riS: s:aI g:N:S:
  74. (Victory, all Glory to Ganesha, remover of obstacles, dwelling in Puttaparthi. He also dwelt in Shirdi in his past incarnation.)
  75. j:y: h: j:y: h: m:\:k v:ahn: h eS:v: n:dn: )T:m: v:dn:a p:av:t:i t:n:y: es:e ev:n:ay:k c:rN: S:rN: ev:Gn: hrN: (h eS:v:...)
  76. (Victory to Lord Vinaayaka, beloved son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. He is always appeased and worshipped first. O Grantor of Success! I surrender at Thy Lotus Feet. Thou art the destroyer of all obstacles)
  77. j:y: j:y: eg:erj:a b:al: g:j:an:n: j:y: eS:v:S:kr p:av:t:i n:dn: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k ev:j:y: g:j:an:n: S:rv:N: s:ev:t: s:m:K: g:j:an:n: t:v: p:d S:rN: S:rN: g:j:an:n:
  78. (Victory to Thee, Hey boy Gajaanana (Ganesha). Victory to Thee, son of Shiva and Parvati. Thou art the remover of all obstacles, the bestower of victory. You are worshipped by all; You have a pleasant face. We seek refuge at Thy Feet, Oh Gajaanana)
  79. j:y: j:y: j:y: h g:j:an:n: g:j:an:n: h g:j:v:dn: j:y: j:y: j:y: h g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: g:j:an:n: p:S:p:et: t:n:y: g:j:an:n: A:ed p:jy: dv: g:j:an:n:
  80. (Victory to Gajaanana, the elephnat faced God, whose Mother is Parvati and father is Lord Shiva, the Prince of all creation and creatures, The One we worship first)
  81. j:y: j:y: j:y: j:y: p:jy: g:j:an:n: j:y: h S:mB:: N:ndn:..(j:y:) ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k b:e )dat:a s:r n:r v:edt: h S:B: dat:a m::dk e)y: )B: b:al: g:j:an:n: n:m:: n:m:: h j:g: v:dn: (2)
  82. (Victory to Thee revered Ganesha! O son of Lord Shiva, dispeller of impediments, bestower of intellect, revered by mortals and immortals alike, O good and auspicious Ganesh, O world acclaimed One, our salutations to Thee.)
  83. j:y: l:b::dr p:aeh m:am: j:g:db:a s:t: rx: m:am: j:y: l:b::dr p:aeh m:am: S:rN:ag:t: rx: m:am: h k,N:aen:D: p:aeh m:am: h g:N:n:aT: s:rx: m:am: en:j: B:eVt: m:dm: dehn:
  84. (Victory to Lord Ganesh. O Beloved Prince of the Mother of Universe (ambaa) I surrender to Thee. Kindly protect me. O Compassionate One! Guard and protect me. Grant me devotion)
  85. l:b::dr g:N: n:aT: g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: S:B:an:n: p:S:p:et: t:n:y: es:e ev:n:ay:k )N:v:akar S:mB: n:dn: p:ret:p:riS: s:aI g:j:an:n: h eS:v: n:dn: S:B:an:n:
  86. (Victory to the One with a big belly - Lord of Demi-Gods, son of Parvati, bestower of auspiciousness and success. You are in the form of the Primeval 'Om'. Thou art the life force of all Beings, You darling son of Shiva who resides in Parthi)
  87. l:b::dr h g::ri n:dn: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k g:j:an:n: es:e ev:n:ay:k h dK: B:j:n: As:r ev:n:aS:k S:B:an:n: g::ri m:n::hr m:\:k v:ahn: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k g:j:an:n:
  88. (O Darling son of Mother Gauri! Thou art the remover of obstacles and evil and thereby confer success. Thy vehicle is the mouse. Please remove all calamities, Oh, destroyer of the demons)
  89. l:b::dr h ev:Gn::r S:mB:: km:ar es:i:r l:b::dr h ev:Gn::r Aemb:ka t:n:y: A:kar:r h rb: s:aI eS:rRi:r h rb: s:aI p:rt:i:r
  90. (Ganesh, remover of obstacles, the big-bellied Lord, who confers success son of Shiva, son of Ambika, Lord Sai of Shirdi and Parthi.)
  91. l:b::dr j:y: g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: p:rm: dy:aG:n: l:b::dr j:y: g:j:an:n: b:D: ev:m::c:n: B:v: B:y: B:j:n: )N:v: sv:-p: h eS:v: n:dn: p:aeh )B:: m:a p:aeh g:j:an:n:
  92. (Hey Lambodara (pot bellied One), victory to You, hey Gajaaanana! Hey son of Parvati, the personification of compassion, the One who liberates (devotees) from bondage and the cycle of birth and death, the One with the Primival form, Son of Shiva, please protect me, Lord, please protect Lord Ganesha)
  93. l:b::dr eS:v: g::ri s:t: h eS:v: n:dn: b:l: g:j:an:n: g:j:an:n: \:B:n:n:...(l:b::dr) h eS:v: n:dn: B:v: B:y: B:j:n: S:mB: km:ar g:j:an:n: (2)
  94. (Chant the name of Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati; Ganesh, whose divine face bestows fortune on us and frees us from the endless cycle of births and deaths.)
  95. l:b::dr eS:v: g::ri s:t: g:N:aeD:p: j:y: g:j:an:n: B:al: c:d j:y: g:j: kN::r ev:Gn::r m:a p:aeh )B: s:aI:r m:a p:aeh )B:
  96. (Chant the name of Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and Mother Gauri. Victory to Ganesha with elephant ears and moon-like forehead. Remover of obstacles, Lord Sai, protect me.)
  97. m:ha g:N:p:t: n:m::st:t: m:at:ag: m:K: n:m::st:t: m:ha g:N:p:t: n:m::st:t: ehm:dj: s:t: n:m::st:t: A:kar:r n:m::st:t:
  98. (I bow to Ganesha, the one with the elephant-face, son of Parvati, Lord of Om.)
  99. m:hadv: h g:j:v:dn: s:aI g:N:S: g:j:v:dn: m:g:l: -p: g:j:v:dn: p:ret: g:N:S: g:j:v:dn:
  100. (O mighty God Ganesha! Oh Sai Who is also Ganesha! Ganesha, the One Who has an auspicious form, You are the same Parthi Ganesha)
  101. m:g:l: g::ri n:dn: m:g:l: c:rN: m:g:l: v:dn: m:g:l: g::ri n:dn: s:kX hrN: s:l:B: )s: s:dr v:dn: s:aI g:j:an:n:
  102. (Hey son of Gauri (Ganesha), You are a sign of auspiciousness! You are the One with sacred Feet, an auspicious face, the One who destroys misery. You are easy to please, the One who has the most beautiful face, Oh Sai Ganesha)
  103. m:g:l: m:et: S:mB:: n:dn: m:g:l: day:k p:av:t:i n:dn: Ok dt: D:r ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k Ok )B: j:g:dk ev:n:ay:k Ok An:k :i s:aI ev:n:ay:k
  104. (You are the personification of auspiciousness, O Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva. You, O son of Parvati, bring auspiciousness into everyone's lives. O single tusked God, destroyer of obstacles You are the One who pervades everything. You are Purusha, You are Prakriti. You are everything, O Sai Ganesh!)
  105. m:at:ag: v:dn: A:n:d s:dn: m:ha dv: eS:v: S:mB:: n:dn: m:at:ag: v:dn: A:n:d s:dn: m:ay:a ev:n:aS:k m:\:k v:ahn: m:at:a m:ah:ri B:v:an:i n:dn: m:ha g:N:p:t: m:g:l: c:rN: (2)
  106. (Elephant-faced one, source of bliss, son of Shiva, remover of illusion who rides the mouse; Son of mother Parvati, Lord of Ganas, One who has a mouse as His vehicle, whose feet are auspicious.)
  107. m:at:ag: v:dn: m:a p:al:y: m::l:i:r eS:v: g::ri n:dn: (2) m:g:l: day:k es:e ev:n:ay:k m:ay:a ev:n:aS:k m:\:k v:ahn:
  108. (Protect me, Elephant-faced one, source of bliss, son of Shiva and Gauri, Giver of auspiciousness and liberation.)
  109. n:m:aem: en:ty: g:N:n:aT: sm:raem: en:ty: g:j:v:dn: n:m:aem: en:ty: g:N:n:aT: sm:raem: en:ty: g:j:v:dn:
  110. (To the Lord of the Divine Forces, Always I bow in reverence. I am always singing Your glory, God Ganesha)
  111. n:m::st:t: g:N:p:et: g:N:ray:a h eS:v:an:dn: s:aI g:j:an:n: s:aI g:j:an:n: n:m::st:t: n:m::st:t: n:m::st:t: h eS:v:an:dn: h g:j:an:n: n:m::st:t: n:m::st:t:
  112. (Salutations to You Hey Ganesha, Hey son of Shiva, the One with the elephnat head. Salutations to Thee, Hey Sai Ganesha)
  113. p:av:t:i n:dn: g:j:an:n: p:S:p:et: n:dn: en:rj:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: g:j:an:n: p:aeh )B:: m:a p:aeh )s: eg:erj:a n:dn: en:rj:n: eg:erj:a n:dn: S:B:an:n:
  114. (Ganesh, son of Shiva, Parvati's son, whose face shines with goodness and auspiciousness, who is pleasing to all, faultlessly pure, protect us, Lord.)
  115. p:S:p:et: t:n:y: b:al: g:j:an:n: t:m: h: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:, g:N:S: t:m: h: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS: h eS:v: n:dn:, b:l: g:j:an:n: ev:a b:e )dat:a ev:a b:e )dat:a m:g:l: kr h, m:g:l: kr h m:g:l: kr h, m:g:l: kr h s:dr s:aI g:N:S: g:N:S: s:dr s:aI g:N:S:
  116. (Chant the name of darling son of Lord Shiva (Pashupati) - Lord Gajaanana who is destroyer of obstacles. O son of Lord Shiva - Lord Gajaanana! Kindly protect me and grant me spiritual knowledge and bestow auspiciousness. Chant the name of charming Lord Sai Gajaanana)
  117. )s: h: s:ty: s:aI g:N:S: )T:m: p:ej:t: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS: p:aS:akS: D:r p:rm: p:ev:*: m:\:k v:ahn: g:j:an:n: ... )s: h: l:b::dr h S:mB: km:ar Aemb:ka t:n:y: g:j:an:n:
  118. (Please derive joy from our worship, O Sai Ganesh. You are the One who is always worshipped first, O destroyer of obstacles.)
  119. )T:m: p:ej:t: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k m:\:k v:ahn: g:j: v:dn: p:rm: p:ev:*: p:av:n: n:am: p:aS:akS: D:r g:j: VAdn:..()T:m:) ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k b:e )dat:a s:r n:r v:edt: g:j: v:dn: ev:::r s:t: b:al: g:j:an:n: m:g:l: kr: )B: g::ri g:N:S:
  120. (O primeval God, O auspicious One, O divine Name, dispeller of obstacles, Thou that giveth us enlightenment, Thou that art worshipped by men and gods alike, make our lives auspicious and take us under Thy care O Lord Ganesh.)
  121. )T:m: B:j::r g:N:p:et: s:aI j:y: j:y: j:y: j:y: s:aI b:e )day:k h g:N:n:ay:k g:N:p:et: s:aI h s:K: day:i j:y: j:y: j:y: j:y: s:aI
  122. (First sing the glories of Lord Sai Ganapathi, the Lord of demi-gods. Salutations to Lord Sai Lord Ganesh is the promoter of the intellect. Lord Ganesh is also the promoter of happiness)
  123. )T:m: S:rN: g:N: n:ay:k ! ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k es:e ev:n:ay:k ev:a day:k b:e )day:k m:\:k v:ahn: s:aI g:j:an:n:
  124. (First pay obeisance to Lord of Demi-Gods, Lord Vinaayaka, who destroys obstacles and assures success; who grants (spiritual) knowledge and intelligence. Lord Sai Gajaanana has mouse as a vehicle.)
  125. )T:m: sm:rN: :i g:N:S: )T:m: n:m:n: s:aI g:N:S: ...()T:m:) ev:Gn: hrN: es:e karN: D:m: v:N: :i g:N:S: k,N:ab:rN: p:jy: c:rN: v:r )dat: s:aI g:N:S:
  126. (Offer your first prayer to Lord Ganesh. Turn your first reverential thoughts to Shree Sai Baba. Bow to the all-powerful Ganesha. Worship the Lotus feet of Sai whose principal ornament is compassion and who confers boons on His devotees lavishly.)
  127. )T:m: v:dn: g::ri n:dn: h eS:v: n:dn: s:aI g:j:an:n: )T:m: v:dn: g::ri n:dn: Ok dt: g:N: v:t: ev:n:ay:k ev:Gn: hrN: S:B: m:g:l: c:rN: )N:v: sv:-p: p:aeh g:j:an:n:
  128. (First pay obeisance to Lord Sai Gajaanana, the beloved Prince of Lord Shiva and Mother Gauri. Oh Vinayaka, You are adorned with a single tusk, You are the embodiment of goodness. O Lord Sai Gajaanana! Thou art the Remover of obstacles, Bestower of auspiciousness and Life Force of all beings)
  129. s:aI dv: :i g:N:S: v:d ev:Gn: ev:n:aS: p:av:t:i n:dn: p:ret:p:riS: h eS:v: n:dn: j:y: s:aIS:
  130. (Hey Sai, Yu are Lord Ganesha. I prostrate to Thee, Hey destroyer of obstacles. Hey son of Parvati, Hey Lord of Parthi, Hey son of Shiva, victory to Thee)
  131. s:aI g:j:an:n: din:v:an: es:dr v:dn: e:T:j:n: p:al:n: s:aI g:j:an:n: din:v:an: Aemb:ka t:n:y: Am:raD:i:r Ag:eN:t: g:N: g:N: A:n:d day:k
  132. (Lord Sai Gajaanana! Son of Parvati! Merciful protector and sustainer, full of virtues and granter of immense happiness.)
  133. s:aI g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: j:y: g:, dv: s:aI m:hS: p:av:t:i S:kr h p:rm:S: ram: k\N: her g::ev:nd ev:YYl: s:b:Ny: s:b:Ny: \:Nm:K:n:aT: s:b:Ny:
  134. (Glory to Ganesh, revered Guru, Lord Sai, Shiva bestower of good, supreme Lord of Parvati, Rama, Krishna, Subrahmanyam, the six-faced guide of the spiritual aspirant)
  135. S:mB:: km:ar g:j:an:n: S:kri t:n:y: g:j:an:n: Aemb:ka t:n:y: g:j:an:n: Amb:j:a l::c:n: g:j:an:n:
  136. (Elephant-faced Lord Ganesha, son of Shiva and Parvati, whose eyes are like lotuses.)
  137. S:mB:: km:ar g::ri t:n:y: g:j:an:n: s:dy: j:y: j:y: v:rd g:N:S: dert: ev:n:aS: )N:v:a kar n:aT: s:dy: g:j:an:n: s:dy: j:y: j:y:
  138. (Victory to merciful darling son of Lord Shambhoo and Gauri, Lord Gajaanana. Thy form is Om and thou art the remover of obstacles and grantor of boons. )
  139. S:kr s:m:n: B:v:an:i n:dn: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k p:aeh g:N:S: s:r m:en: v:edt: s:m:K: g:j:an:n: l:b::dr h p:aeh g:N:S: g:g:aD:r s:t: g::ri t:n:y: m:g:l: kr: )B: s:aI g:N:S:
  140. (Son of that great god, Shiva and most kindly goddess Parvati, O Ganesh, may you remove every impediment from our life. O divine spirit, worshipped alike by men and gods, bring auspiciousness, O Lord.)
  141. S:rN: S:rN: s:aI g:j:an:n: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k g:N: n:aT: b:e )day:k s:aI g:j:an:n: As:r ev:n:aS:k s:aI g:j:an:n: s:aI ev:n:ay:k s:aI g:j:an:n: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k g:N: n:aT:
  142. (I surrender to Lord Sai Gajaanana, Lord of Demi-Gods. Lord Sai Gajaanana removes obstacles, bestows grace, intelligence and destroys evil tandencies. Worship Lord Sai Gajaanana.)
  143. S:rv:N:a eS:v: km:ar \:Nm:K:n:aT: j:y: j:y: \:Nm:K:n:aT: s:b:Ny:a kaet:ky: kael:y:av:t:ar \:Nm:K:n:aT: j:y: j:y: \:Nm:K:n:aT: ! S:rN: S:rN: \:Nm:K:n:aT:
  144. (Oh Subramanya (second son of Shiva and Parvati), son of Shiva, victory to Thee, Shanmukhanatha (Lord with six heads). Oh Lord Karthikeya (another name for Subramanya), You are the incarnation of the Kali age. I take refuge in You, Shanmukhanatha)
  145. :i g:N:n:aT: j:y: g:N:n:aT: p:av:t:i eS:v: t:n:y: j:y: g:N:n:aT: p:av:t:i eS:v: t:n:y: S:kr n:dn: ev:j:y: g:j:an:n: kal:i m:al:a B:j:n: s:r n:r v:dn:
  146. (Victory to Thee O Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, worshipped by gods and human beings, destroyer of vice and wickedness which plague the present age of Kali. Victory to Thee O lord!)
  147. :i g:N:n:aT: p:aeh )B: p:av:t:i t:n:y: p:aeh ev:B:: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k g:j:an:n: b:e )day:k S:B:an:n: es:e ev:n:ay:k eS:v: n:dn: g::ri n:dn: en:rj:n: p:ad n:m:st: g:j:an:n: (2)
  148. (Look after us, protect us, O Lord Ganesh. Thou art reputed to protect Thy devotees from impediments and give them a powerful intellect and spiritual enlightenment. We prostrate before Thee in humble surrender.)
  149. :i g:N:n:aT: s:aI g:N:n:aT: S:rN: S:rN: :i g:N:n:aT: :i g:N:n:aT: s:aI g:N:n:aT: s:r m:en: v:edt: :i g:N:n:aT: S:rN: S:rN: :i g:N:n:aT: s:v:aD:ar :i s:aI n:aT: S:rN: S:rN: :i g:N:n:aT:
  150. (I surrenderr to Lord Ganesh to Whom the virtuous pay obeisance O Lord Sai Naathha! Thou art the base and support of the whole Universe, I seek Thy refuge)
  151. :i g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: j:y: g:, dv: s:aI m:hS: p:av:t:i S:kr h p:rm:S: ram:k\N: her g::ev:nd ev:YYl: s:b:Ny: s:b:Ny: \:Nm:K:n:aT: s:b:Ny: (4)
  152. (Glory to Thee, O Lord Ganesha. Glory to the revered Guru, Lord Sai. Lord of Parvati, Ruler of All, O Rama, Krishna, Govinda, Vitthala, O Subramanyam, Son of Lord Shiva, the God with six faces)
  153. :i g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: dv: m:at:a A:ed p:r S:eVt: ep:t:a m:hadv: :i g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: dv: m:at:a A:ed p:av:t:i ep:t:a S:kr dv: j:y: g:N:S: dv:, j:y: g:N:S: dv: p:ret: k s:aI )B: s:kX hr dv: s:kX hr dv: p:ret: k s:aI )B: p:rm:an:d dv: j:y: g:N:S: dv:, j:y: g:N:S: dv:
  154. (Glory to Shree Ganesha, Victory to Ganesha, Lord Genesha. Your Mother is the origin of all, Mother Shakthi, Your Father is Shiva, Lord of all Lords Your Mother is Parvati, Shiva's Consort, Your father is the great Shankara Lord of all, the Destroyer of evil)
  155. :i g:N:S: :i g:N:S: S:rN: :i g:N:S: :i g:N:S: p:aeh m:a :i m:ha g:N:p:t: n:m::st:t: j:y: j:y: j:y: g:j:n:ay:k :i g:N:S: :i g:N:S: p:aeh m:a
  156. (Lord Ganesh, I surrender to you, protect me, great Lord of the Ganas)
  157. :i g:N:S: :i g:N:S: :i g:N:S: p:aeh m:am: j:y: g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: rx:m:a :i g:N:S: p:aehm:a j:y: g:N:S: rx:m:a j:y: g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: j:y: g:N:S: rx:m:a :i g:N:S: p:aeh m:am:
  158. (Shree Ganesha, protect me; Glory to Ganesh, my protector; Shree Ganesha protect me; Victory to Ganesh, my protector);
  159. :i g:N:S: ev:n:ay:k ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k ev:n:ay:k m:g:l: day:k ev:n:ay:k B:v: B:y: n:aS: ev:n:ay:k p:ret:p:riS: ev:n:ay:k
  160. (O Lord Ganesha, lead us on; You are the Remover of all obstacles You grant auspiciousness, You remove all fear, You manifest as Lord of Puttaparthi)
  161. S:Vl: B:r D:rm: g:N:p:et: m:*: en:ty: en:ty: j:p:: j:p:: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k ev:a day:k v:ir g:N:p:et: B:j:: B:j::
  162. (Always worship Lord Ganapati, remover of obstacles from path.)
  163. es:e ev:n:ay:k b:e )day:k n:m:: n:m:: eS:v: S:kr s:t: n:m:: n:m:: p:av:t:i t:n:y: n:m:: n:m:: S:rN:ag:t: e)y: v:edt: g:N:p:et: n:m:: n:m:: h eS:v: n:dn: b:al: g:j:an:n: n:m:: n:m:: n:m:: n:m:: n:m:: n:m:: n:m:: n:m:: s:aI n:m::
  164. (Salutations to You, Hey Vinayaka, the bestower of boons and intelligence. Salutations to You, son of Shankara, son of Parvati. Salutations to the One who likes those who surrender. Salutations to Thee, the elephant faced child, Ganesha)
  165. es:dr v:dn: b:al: g:j:an:n: )N:v:a kr h eS:v: n:dn: es:dr v:dn: b:al: g:j:an:n: ev:a b:e es:e )day:k m:g:l: kark h S:B: day:k :i s:ty: s:aI h g:N: n:ay:k
  166. (O Elephant-Faced Lord Gajaanana! O Lord Sathya Sai Gajaanana! Thy form is Pranava (om) and thou art grantor of spiritual wisdom, success and awarder of auspiciousness, welfare, good fortune, happiness and prosperity.)
  167. s:b:Ny: \:Nm:K:n:aT: s:b:Ny: :i g:, n:aT: k,N:a s:ag:r :i kaet:ky: B:v: B:y: hrN: B:v:an:i t:n:y: S:rN: S:rN: din: S:rNy: S:rN: S:rN: s:aIS: S:rN:
  168. (Chant the Name of Subrahmanya, brother of Ganesha. He holds the position of a revered spiritual teacher. Seek refuge under Him and you will be rid of the endless cycle of births and deaths.)
  169. s:b:Ny: s:b:Ny: \:Nm:K:n:aT: s:b:Ny: s:b:Ny: s:b:Ny: s:aI n:aT: s:b:Ny: eS:v: eS:v: eS:v: eS:v: s:b:Ny: hr hr hr hr s:b:Ny: eS:v: eS:v: hr hr s:b:Ny: hr hr eS:v: eS:v: s:b:Ny: eS:v: S:rv:N:B:v: s:b:Ny: g:, s:rv:n:B:v: s:b:Ny: eS:v: eS:v: hr hr s:b:Ny: hr hr eS:v: eS:v: s:b:Ny:
  170. (Sing the names of Lord Subramanyam, Lord with six faces, Son of Shiva; Sing the names of Lord Subramanyam and of Shiva; Sing in praise of Lord Subramanyam who was born in the lake called Sharavanabhava)
  171. s:dr m:K: :i g:j:an:n: Ok dt: :i g:j:an:n: s:dr m:K: :i g:j:an:n: )T:m: n:m:aem: g:j:an:n: ?e\: m:en: v:edt: g:j:an:n: g:j:an:n: ! g:j:an:n: (3)
  172. (Hey elephant faced Lord Ganesha, Your face is beautiful. Hey Gajaanana, You are the Lord with a single tusk (of an elephant). I first worship Thee, Lord Ganesha. You are the One worshipped by all Rishis. Oh Lord Gnaesha, I prostrate to Thee)
  173. s:dr s:dr ev:n:ay:k S:B: m:g:l: day:k ev:n:ay:k ev:Gn: k:eX hr ev:m:l: g:j:an:n: s:kl: ev:Gn: hr s:aI g:j:an:n: I:ri n:dn: p:ret: g:j:an:n: j:y: j:y: g:N:S: j:y: :i g:N:S: (4)
  174. (Hey Vinayaka, the beautiful One, You bestow auspiciousness. You are the remover of obstacles (in one's endeavours). You are the son of Eshwari (Parvati) and You are the Gajanana of Parthi. Victory to Thee, Ganesha)
  175. t:m: h: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS: g:N:S: t:m: h: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS: g:N:S: (2) p:av:t:i n:dn: s:aI g:j:an:n: )N:v: sv:-p: p:ret:p:riS: s:aI g:N:S: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:
  176. (O Lord Sai Ganesha! Thou art the remover of obstacles and life force of living beings. You are the son of Parvati and You are the embodiment of Pranava (Om). You are Sai Ganesha, who lives in Parthi)
  177. ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k g:j:v:dn: es:e ev:n:ay:k eS:v: n:dn: g:g:D:r s:t: g:j:an:n: l:b::dr h g:j:an:n: (2) p:av:t:i n:dn: g:j:an:n: (2)
  178. (Chant the name of Lord Ganesh, son of Shiva and Parvati. He will protect you from all impediments.)
  179. ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k g:N: n:aT: g:j:an:n: h g:j: v:dn: g:N: n:aT: g:N: n:aT: )N:v: sv:-p: g:N: n:aT: p:ret:p:ri:r g:N: n:aT: g:j:an:n: h g:j: v:dn:
  180. (Lord Ganesha, You are the one who protects us from obstacles befalling our life. O elephant faced God, Chief of demi-gods, You are the embodiment of the primordial sound Om. The Lord of Puttaparthi, Sai is none other than You. (We pay homage to Thee))
  181. ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k ev:n:ay:k g:j: v:dn: s:K: day:k ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k ev:n:ay:k m:g:l: day:k ev:n:ay:k (p:ج) p:rt:i:r ev:n:ay:k s:ty: g:N:S: ev:n:ay:k g:j: v:dn: s:K: day:k ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k ev:n:ay:k
  182. (Thou art Dispeller of all obstacles, O Lord Ganesha You have the body of an elephant. You grant us all peace and happiness Ganesha, You bestow and shower us with all good tidings. You are the Indweller of Puttaparthi oh Lord Ganesha. You are the everlasting Truth, O Ganesha, You remove all our obstacles. Lord Ganesha, we seek Your blessings)
  183. ev:Gn::r B:j: ev:Gn::r s:, n:aT: g::ri s:t: j:y: eS:v: n:dn: ev:Gn::r )N:v:an:d dv:i s:t: es:e ev:n:ay:k ev:Gn::r ev:a day:k g::ri s:t: ev:Gn::r B:j: ev:Gn::r S:rN: S:rN: dv:i s:t:
  184. (Hey son of Gauri (Parvati), we chant Thy name, Divine perceptor. You are the remover of obstacles. Victory to You, son of Shiva and devii (Parvati). You are the bestower of boons and wisdom. We seek refuge in You, son of devii (Ganesha))
  185. ev:Gn::r B:j::r m:an:s: ev:Gn: hr B:j::r (3)
  186. (Worship Ganesh, who removes obstacles)
  187. ev:n:ay:k ev:Gn: n:aS:k An:aT: rx:k A:n:d day:k um:a m:h:r h eS:v: n:dn:
  188. (Worship Ganesh, the one who leads, remover of obstacles, protector of the helpless, giver of bliss, son of Parvati and Shiva)
  189. ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k ev::aD:ar ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k es:e ev:n:ay:k B:v: B:y: n:aS: s:rm:en: v:edt: :i g:N:S: ev::aD:ar ev:n:ay:k
  190. (Hail Ganesha, who is worshipped before all others; Ganesha, sustainer of the universe; The giver of all boons who destroys worldly fears; Ganesha, who is revered by Saints and Sages; Ganesha, sustainer of the universe.)
  191. ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k ev:n:ay:k ev:a day:k ev:n:ay:k ev::aD:ar ev:n:ay:k v:ir g:N:p:et: ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k ev:n:ay:k
  192. ((Chant the Name of) Ganesha who removes all obstacles from our path in our striving for spiritual development, the One who imparts to us higher knowledge, the One who is the Prop of the whole world, the valiant Ganesha.)