Bhagavan Baba feeding the deer
(Swami feeding the deer in Brindavan)

My Boys,

Goodness is not false or impossible but is the one factor which gives the real value of life. Life without goodness is not real life but only a sense of the destructive dance of the evil forces which shall draw individuals into grief. Goodness is the way to true happiness. In the ultimate analysis, there is no separate entity such as goodness. It (goodness) attains the relative plane where duality is transcended -no question of pairs of opposites arises. Goodness is the virtue or conduct which does not violate the oneness of all life.

Boys! Why does God command good acts? There is no question of command from God. He has given all human beings a greater or lesser measure of intelligence and reason and He has also endowed man with conscience. When man exercises all the three gifts of God property he will find that all his deeds are directed towards goodness. In other words, God doesn't interfere or place any specific command on the nature of action done by anyone. He has left man to do as he likes.

But goodness is the real nature of man, who is only an Image of God. This fact naturally gives a heart to man towards doing good and punishes him with remorse if he swerves from the path of goodness. Man does not live by bread only, he lives by the spirit within him.

What is lawless law? It is a rule of conduct laid down and enforced by mere might and not based on any spiritual considerations.

With Blessings,

(January 26, 1973)

(Letter to His students. From Prema Dhara, a collection of Swami's letters)