[Extracts from Bhagavan Baba's Discourses]

Islam is a word, which denotes not a particular religion but a state of mind, the state of total surrender to the Will of God. Islam means dedication, surrender, peace, tranquility. Islam denotes the social community whose members have achieved supreme peace through surrender to the All Merciful, All Powerful God and who have vowed to live in peace with their fellowmen. Islam directed attention to the One in Many, the Unity in Diversity and led people to the Reality named God.

Islam gives importance to the moon, which regulates the months. The Quran lays down that all men should cultivate the sense of unity, of interdependence, of selfless love and of immanence of Divinity. Islam prescribes food for the spiritual nature of man and directs that it be taken five times a day as prayer. Prayer in Islam is also a congregational activity. Islam promises a greater flow of ecstasy when God is adored by a huge concourse of yearning hearts. Islam teaches that God's grace can be won through justice and righteous living; wealth, scholarship and power cannot earn it.