Om Sai Ram

Occasion: October 20, 1990 - Andhra Pradesh Bal Vikas Rally during the Jyothi Celebrations commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the declaration of the Sai Avatar

Since ancient times the people of Bharat have been observing the sacred custom of lighting a lamp at the commencement of any auspicious ceremony. They have been worshipping the Jyothi as it dispels darkness and is a symbol of the effulgence of wisdom. Such a sacred custom, which is an immemorial part of Indian culture, is ignored today. People indulge in practices which are contrary to such traditions. If you understand the significance of this custom and the spirit behind the lighting of the lamp, you can understand divinity.

In order to light the Jyothi you need four things: a container,oil, wick, and a match-stick to light it. For dispelling darkness, you need these four. Similarly, for dispelling darkness within you, you need the Jyothi of Wisdom...Only by the light of the Divine lamp inside can you blossom as a worthwhile person. Inner purity is the greatest wealth that one can acquire. The inner purity is the wick in the container of the heart. Devotion is the oil and Divine Grace is the fire with which the lamp of wisdom can be lit.

- Baba

(From Sanathana Sarathi, August 1995, p. 209)