[Extracts compiled from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Discourses]

Love is the basic nature that sustains human being and strengthens his resolve to march ahead. Without love man is blind; the world for him will be a dark and fearsome jungle. Love is the light that guides the feet of man in the wilderness. All the four goals of man (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha) can be attained through the practice of love. The Atma principle expresses itself in man as Prema (Love).

Every human being needs love, inhales and exhales love. Love is the basic breath; every one is the embodiment of Love. Love knows no fear; it seeks no rewards; love is its own reward. When it is directed towards God, it is called Bhakthi. Love removes all egoism; the self is forgotten, it is superseded, it is transcended. Divinity is the magnet. Humanity is the iron. Love is the force that brings them together. Nara is the iron, Narayana is the magnet. Bhakthi or love is the force that draws the two together.

God is love and can be won only through the cultivation and exercise of Love. He cannot be trapped by any trick; He yields Grace only when His commands are followed - command to love all, serve all. Love is God, God is love. Live with Love, move with Love, speak with Love, think with Love, act with Love - this is the most fruitful Sadhana. Love is the core of Atma. Love is selflessness. Love brings people together. Love is the solvent for hardest hearts. Love is the strongest antidote for greed. Love will destroy the roots of ego.

Love is the natural state for man and all the other contrary emotions are unnatural. When you recite the Name of God, remembering His majesty, His compassion, His glory, His splendor, His presence, Love will grow within you. Its roots will grow deeper and deeper, its branches will spread wider and wider, giving cool shelter to friend and foe. Love God without reserve. To love God destroys all the barriers to Love. If you develop love, you do not need to develop anything else.

Prema must grow with every moment of Sadhana. It must sweeten every word, deed and thought of yours. Emerge from Dhyana as a person more charged with Love! Return from Bhajan with a greater measure of Love! Return from Nagarsankirtan with a firmer conviction that everything is surcharged with the same Divinity that is behind all your activity.

Love in speech is truth. Love in action is righteousness. Love in thought is peace. Love in understanding is non-violence.

There is no power greater than love in this world because it is selfless and pure. Love is ananda; love is power; love is light; love is God. Love helps you to see God in everyone, everyone as divine.

-Bhagavan Baba