My Dear Boys!

Accept my Blessings and Love. I received all your letters. Very happy. One fundamental point that you have to bear in mind while repeating the Sai Name, that is when you take that Name, you must feel that it is only by His Will and Power that you are doing so, and not by your own. Your progress will be easy if you feel that you are doing everything by the Divine Will and Power at the very start of your sadhana. There are some people who do Japa and are proud of the fact that they are doing it. They think they are superior to others. That is very harmful. Spiritual aspirants have to remove egoism of this nature. You defeat your object by developing a feeling that you are purer than others.

God's Name must be chanted with all Love and Faith. Then Vasanas drop out of the mind automatically, without any effort. God comes to the devotee when he cries to Him, just as a mother goes to her child. It is perfectly true to say that the easiest, shortest and quickest path to reach Sai is the repetition of His sweet and glorious Name, which makes the mortal immortal and changes man into God.

My Boys! Your sweet Sai is always with you, in you. Be happy.

With Love.

Yours, Baba.
October 3, 1977

(Letter from Swami to His students - From Prema Dhara, a collection of Swami's letters)