[Extracts compiled from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Discourses]

What is the main reason for the well being of the society? Our actions are the very cause. What is the reason for our actions? Actions result from our thoughts. What is the reason for action? The mind. What is the cause of the mind? Sankalpa - thought is the cause of the mind. If the thoughts are pure, the country will also become pure. We have to inculcate ideas, which are pure and good. These are human values.

What are these values? These are "Truth(sathya), Right Action (dharma), Peace (shanti), Love (prema) and Non-violence (ahimsa)". These five human values should be deemed as the fivefold life breaths or Pancha Pranas (Prana, Apana, Udhana, Samana, Vyaana - the incoming, outgoing, upward flow, even and circulating breaths). Since the values constitute the life breath, one who does not radiate the values in his actions is deemed to be lifeless!

What is this truth? Those words, which you speak with love, are truth. That which comes from the heart filled with love is truth. All that you do from a heart filled with love is dharma - righteousness. The heart, which is full of love in whatever it thinks, is peace. Then whatever actions you do with a heart filled with love is ahimsa - non-violence. So love is the foundation for all these. There is no life whatsoever without love. So one has to foster this love.

Start the Day with Love;
Spend the Day with Love;
Fill the Day with Love;
End the Day with Love;
This is the way to God

When the impulses arising from the heart are expressed in words, that is Truth (Sathya). To put into action your words is Right Action (Dharma). For all these Love is primary. Love in action is righteousness. Love in speech is truth. Love in thought is peace. Love in understanding is non-violence. When you realize that God is in everyone, you will practice non-violence.

Love in Thought is Truth.
Love in Action is Right Conduct.
Love in Understanding is Peace.
Love in Feeling is Non-violence.

Truth is man's nature; to be untrue is to be false to one's nature. Dharma is the practical application in real life of the ideal of Truth. Shanthi is the result of Dharma and Prema is the effulgence of Shanthi. Truth in words and truth and love in the heart is Dharma.

Prema is the manner of speaking; Truth is the substance; Dharma is the language; Santhi is the result aimed at.

Sathya is what I teach;
Dharma is the way I live;
Shanti is the mark of My personality;
Prema is my very Nature.

Sadhana leads to Truth
Satkarma leads to Dharma
leads to Peace
Upasana leads to Love.

-Bhagavan Baba