Sloka is a Sanskrit word used to denote a prayerful verse written to follow certain grammatical rules. The slokas presented here can be used in our daily prayers. These prayers are generally directed to specific God or Goddess forms such as Ganesh, Rama, Devi, Krishna etc. Conveying the majesty and the Omnipotence of God, the slokas portray vivid descriptions of the different God forms and their Divine powers. Anyone who chants these powerful verses and invokes the appropriate God (Goddess) Forms and Names mentally, will be able to achieve a steady and peaceful mind full of devotion. That in short is the purpose of the slokas.

Bhagavan Baba has talked at length about the importance of slokas in practicing Namasmarana (reciting the Lord's Name). In a recent Discourse, He said: "I always begin My discourse with a sloka or a poem and conclude it with a bhajan. Do you know what they are? The first poem or sloka is like a plate, the discourse can be compared to the various delicious items that are served on the plate, and the bhajan in the end is like a plate covering the delicious items. Do not treat this as a Mandhu (medicine), thereby taking a little. Treat this as a Vindhu (banquet) and partake of the delicious items that I serve to the maximum extent. Experience and enjoy this banquet."

May Bhagavan Baba Bless us all to enjoy this banquet of slokas.