Bhagavan Baba

From sleep you wake, to sleep you go again. In between two periods of sleep you are engaged in activity, activity which is just aimed at filling bellies. All life is not lived by satisfying physical hunger only It is an opportunity to remember cherish and seek the presence of God. The world stage is full of characters. The Lord, the director has cast each one in a separate role. One ought to learn to perform one's role perfectly. This can happen only if the director is obeyed to the letter, to each and every direction of His. Anything done against His direction by the character in the drama of life renders the individual useless and desolate. Ego and attachment are the two things that bar one from obeying the director's commands.

It is only when Arjuna surrendered himself and confessed his ignorance, his exhaustion and despair and sought Krishna's guidance that the Lord began to confide in him the Supreme Truth. As long as the feeling of "I" and "Mine" reign over the individual the Lord shall not step into the arena of one's life, the precincts of one's heart. So, learn to live for the satisfaction of one's real Self by becoming selfless. Self-confidence, self-sacrifice, self-satisfaction and self-realization are the guideposts to the fruition of life. Self-confidence is the foundation, self-sacrifice is the top, self-satisfaction is the pillar and self-realization is the mansion.

It is not enough if one earns a university degree. One should strive to earn the Universal Degree. In order to become the near and dear one of the Lord, one should become either like the flute or like the pair of chappals (sandals). The chappals bear all the weight of the person who wears them as well as the pain of the thorns, shrubs and pebbles on the ground underneath. Learn to cultivate fortitude, patience and love, and seek to give and live.

It is much better and easier to become the flute. The flute is hollow, devoid of likes and dislikes, desire, anger, envy, malice and greed, of me and mine. Have the goal clear before you and strive to reach it.

Your advancement is measured by the yardstick of self-control. The ear must hear, the eye must see, the tongue must taste, the hands must work, and the legs must walk according to the dictates of the Atma.

With Blessings,


December 12, 1975

(From Prema Dhara, a collection of Swami's letters to His students)