Om Sai Ram

Letter to Devotees

You as body, mind or soul are a dream, but what you really are, is Existence - Knowledge - Bliss. You are the God of the Universe. You are creating the whole Universe and drawing it in. To gain the Infinite Universal identity, the miserable little prison of individuality must go. Bhakthi is not crying nor any other negative condition. It is recognizing the One in all that we see.

It is the heart that takes you to the goal. So, follow your heart. A pure heart seeks beyond the intellect and gets inspired. Whatever we do will react upon us. If we do good, we shall have happiness and if evil, unhappiness. Within you is the mighty ocean of nectar divine. seek it within you, feel it,, free it. It is the Self; not the body, mind nor intellect. It is neither the desire nor the desiring, and not even the object of desire.

You are above all these which are just manifestations. You must appear as a smiling flower or twinkling star. What is there in the world which makes you desire it?

With Blessings and Love,
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

[Letter to USA devotees, a copy of which was given to students of Swami's Institute some years ago (date unknown)]
From Prema Dhara, a collection of Swami's letters.