[Extracted from Bhagavn Baba's Discourses]

Zoroastrianism, the Parsi religion was founded by Zoraster, who wanted that man should always have the fire of wisdom blazing in his consciousness so that evil thoughts and tendencies might be reduced to ashes. It has to infuse all thoughts, words and deeds with the illumination of virtue and vigor. It must destroy all worldly desire and render man pure for entry into the heaven of freedom. Adoration, meditation and acts of selfless service are essential for the dawn of enlightenment. The religion of Parsis consider the highest Truth as "I am the Light" and "The Light is in me".

They are called Fire worshippers. Agni is a symbol of purity. Zoroastrians worship the sun who stands for illumination and purity. They must follow four purities - pure thoughts, pure words, pure deeds and pure chastity.