1. Jagadodhaarini Matha Durga Jagadodhaarini Maa Jaago Jaago Maa, Jaago Jaago Maa, Jaago Jaago Maa, Jananee Hey Durga Devi Rana Chandi Devi Hey Shiva Ramana Jaago Ma Hey Shiva Ramana Jaago Ma Jaago Jagadodhaarini Ma
  2. (This is a "Praana-prathistaapana" song. The Deity has been sculptured in clay, dried, draped in the finest silk garments, decked with gold and diamond jewelry and placed in the shrine. Before beginning formal worship, devotees chant the "Prana- prathishtapana" song and pray " Goddess Mother, we have prepared the clay statuette. Please infuse it with Your presence. Please breath life into it and make it wake up and come to life" The meaning of the song is: Mother, uplifter of the universe, please wake up. Durga, chandi, consort of Lord Shiva, please make the image wake up into a living vibrant You.)