1. Jagan Mohini Jaya Jaga Janani Jagatodhaarini Ambe Bhavaani Aadi Paraa Shakti Brahma Swaroopini Vedaa Gamaney Bhava Bhaya Haarini Naaraayani Patheetha Paavani Parthipureeshwari Sai Janani
  2. (Oh Mother, You have bewitched the whole world; You are the mother of the entire universe; You are uplifting the whole world; You are the primeval Goddess of great power; You are the Creator, You are the originator of the Vedas; You are the One who dispels from the minds of people the fear of the endless cycle of births and deaths; You also bring salvation to those who have sinned, Oh Goddess Sai Matha of Puttaparthi, Victory to You!)