1. s:aI S:÷kri s:ty: s:aI S:÷kri v:aN:i s:rsv:t:i m:at:a B:v:an:i j:g:d:­╣aerN:i s:aI j:n:n:i s:am: g:an: e)y:­ v:aN:i j:n:n:i s:÷g:it: res:k˝ j:g:t: j:n:n:i v:iN:a D:aerN:i ev:Ża daey:n:i
  2. (Oh Mother Sai, you are none other than Saraswathi, the patron Goddess of music and learning, that resplendent beauty with the Veena in her hand, the saviour of the entire universe, and bestower of knowledge and learning. We bow to Thee.)