1. s:v: m:g:l: s:aI j:n:n:i p:ret: en:v:aes:n:i p:rm: eS:v:aen: ..(s:v: m:g:l:..) dv:i s:rsv:t:i dg:a l:xm:i j:g:di:ri j:g:nm:at: B:v:an:i j:g:t: j:n:n:i j:y: l:xm:i n:aray:N:i
  2. (Our most auspicious mother Sai who dwells in Puttaparthi is none other than Parvati the supreme Goddess and consort of Lord Shiva. She is also Saraswathi (Goddess of learning), Durga (The Goddess who vanquished the demon Mahishasura), laxmii (Goddess of wealth), Bhavani (another name for Durga), Naaraayani (Consort of Narayana). She is the supreme Goddess and Mother of the universe. Victory to Thee Mother (in Your task of redeeming mankind).)