1. Amb: j:n:n:i AeB:ram:i AB:y:)daey:n:i eS:v: kam:i Amb: j:n:n:i AeB:ram:i S:aB:v:i S:kri s:v::ri S:at: sv:-ep:N:i eS:v: S:kri s:ty: sv:-ep:N:i s:aI m:at:a S:a:t: A:n:d daey:n:i m:at:a
  2. (Hey Mother Ambe (Parvati); The One who gives protection, Parvati; Shambhavi, Shankari (Appellations of Parvati), the supreme Goddess; The embodiment of peace, Parvati; The embodiment of Truth, Mother Sai; The Mother who bestows ever lasting happiness)