1. s:m:D:r B:ae\:N:i B:v: B:y: haerN:i e*:B:v:n: p:ael:n:i s:aI j:n:n:i s:aI j:n:n:i g:it: m:n::hri s:ty: s:aI:ri edvy: sv:-ep:N:i s:aI j:n:n:i A:n:d daey:n:i B:v: B:y: haerN:i j:g:d:aerN:i s:aI j:n:n:i
  2. (Oh Mother Sai, soft-spoken Goddess, who rescues us from the endless cycle of births and deaths, ruler of the three worlds, patron of music, embodiment of Divinity, the Divine Mother who confers on us eternal bliss, saviour of the whole world, we prostrate at Your Feet.)