1. s:dr v:dn:i s:g:N: m:n::hri m:dhas: m:K: S:eS: v:dn:i (s:aI) s:dr v:dn:i s:g:N: m:n::hri c:dn: kkm: Al:kt: v:dn:i s:aI m:ah:ri raj: raj::ri ! S:eVt: !, ! S:eVt: !, ! S:eVt: !, ! S:eVt: ! (2)
  2. (With beautiful face and the purest of virtues the Divine Mother enchants us; Her smiling face is radiant and tranquil as the full moon; Adorned with sandalwood paste and kum-kum; Supreme Goddess, queen of queens, Divine Mother Sai.)