1. t:j:: m:y:i B:v:t:aerN:i j:n:n:i k:eX s:y: )kaeS:n:i j:n:n:i b: m:y:i A:tm: sv:-ep:N:i c:ra c:r m:y:i m:at:a B:v:an:i k,N: s:ag:ri j:g:dae*: n:m::st:t: n:m::st:t: n:m::st:t: s:aI n:aray:N:i
  2. (Oh Effulgent One, Oh Bhavatarini, Oh Mother, with radiance of a million suns, You are creation itself, You are the eternal undying principle, You encompass the moving and unmoving, the universe itself, Oh Divine Mother Sai, Oh ocean of compassion, we bow to Thee.)