1. A B:j:eg:n:i edvy: sv:-ep:N:i kal:i kp:ael:n:i m:a dert: en:v:aerN:i B:v: B:y: herN:i m:g:l:kaerN:i m:a j:n:n:i S:B: j:n:n:i p:ret: p:ri:ri S:kri m:a (2)
  2. (Oh heavenly beauty, Goddess Durga, with eight arms, Mother kaalii, Kapaalini! You always help us quickly overcome our problems. You have encouraged us to overcome the fear of existence and getting entangled in the endless cycle of births and deaths. You have always brought auspiciousness into our lives. Oh Mother, Oh Divine Mother, Goddess of Puttaparthi (we adore You).)