1. v:iN:a p:st:k m:al: D:aerN:i s:aI s:rsv:t:i :t:ab:ri s:aI:ri p:et:t: p:av:n:i p:rt:i:ri p:rm::ri ev:\N: m::ehn:i l:xm:i n:aray:N:i eS:v: S:eVt: -ep:N:i s:aI n:aray:N:i s:aI s:rsv:t:i :t:ab:ri v:iN:a p:st:k m:al: D:aerN:i
  2. (Oh Mother Sai You are Saraswathi (Goddess of learning), with veena (a musical instrument) in one hand and a book in the other. You are wearing a white dress with a garland around Your neck. You are Parameshwari (Parvati), You are Vishnu, You are laxmii (Goddess of wealth), You are the embodiment of Shakthi )