1. dg: j:y: dg: dg: j:y: s:aI m:at:a dg: j:y: dg: dg: s:aI m:a k,N: s:ag:ri m:a kal:i kp:ael:n:i m:a j:g:d:aerN:i m:a dg: j:y: j:y: m:a j:y: dg: s:aI m:a
  2. (Victory to Thee, Oh Goddess Durga (Parvati)! Oh Mother Sai, Victory to Thee! Thou art the ocean of mercy; Mother Thou art Kali (Parvati) wearing a garland of skulls; Mother, Thou art the uplifter of the Universe! Mother, Victory to Thee, Oh Durga; Victory to Thee, Oh Mother Sai!)