1. g:an:e)y: s:aI k,N:am:y:i kadb:ri Amb:a kty:aey:n:i her v:ll:B: s:K: daey:n:i A:kar -ep:N:i n:aray:N:i B:v:n::ri j:g:nm::ehn:i :i c:# v:aes:n:i s:aI:ri
  2. (Oh Sai, the lover of music, the compassionate One! Oh Mother, Kadambari, Kaarthyayini (different names for Parvati)! Oh Mother You are the consort of Hari (Vishnu), the bestower of happiness! Oh Narayani, You are the primal form of Om! You are the Goddess of the world, Jaganmohini (One who beautifies the world) Oh Sayeeshwari (the Shakthi aspect of Sai), the One living in Sri Chakra!)