1. h Amb:a h Amb:a h Amb:a b::l: I:r s:t: ec:: A:n:d b::l: s:ab: s:da eS:v: s:ab: s:da eS:v: s:ab: s:da eS:v: b::l: p:al:k )rk s:tp:et: b::l: Amb:a Ab:a j:y: j:g:db:a AeK:l:aNR:ri j:y: j:g:db:a
  2. (Sing "Oh Mother, Oh Mother, Oh Mother"; Sing "Lord, Existence, Awareness. Bliss Absolute"; Sing "Eternally Auspicious One"; Sing "Protector, Inspirer and Lord of All"; Hail to Mother, the Mother of the world; Hail to the Mother of the entire Universe )