1. j:g:d:aerN:i m:a ev::ev:l:aes:n:i m:a esT:rs:K: daey:n:i m:a j:y: j:g:di:ri j:y: p:rm::ri j:y: p:rt:i:ri p:av:t:i m:a j:g:d:aerN:i m:a ev::ev:l:es:n:i m:a p:ret:p:ri:ri p:av:t:i m:a B:v: B:y: haerN:i B:rv:i m:a S:aB:v:i m:a g::ri m:a j:y: B:v:n::ri j:y: j:g:di:ri j:y: p:rt:i:er p:av:t:i m:a
  2. (Hey Mother, the One who uplifts the world, The One who illumines the whole world, The One who bestows ever lasting happiness, Victory to Thee, Goddess of the world, Victory to Thee, the One whose abode is at Puttaparthy, Oh Mother Parvati, Thou art the dispeller of the cycle of birth and death, Victory to You, Bhairavi, Shambhavi, Gauri (all are differenet names for Parvati) maa.N, victory to Thee! Victory to Thee Parvati, whose abode is at Puttaparthi)