1. j:g:n: m::­ehn:i j:y: j:g: j:n:n:i j:g:d:­╣aerN:i Amb:­ B:v:an:i A:ed p:ra S:eVt: b:Ď╔ sv:-ep:N:i v:­da g:m:n:­ B:v: B:y: haerN:i n:aray:N:i p:et:t: p:av:n:i p:ret:p:ěri├:ri s:aI j:n:n:i
  2. (Oh Mother, You have bewitched the whole world; You are the mother of the entire universe; You are uplifting the whole world; You are the primeval Goddess of great power; You are the Creator, You are the originator of the Vedas; You are the One who dispels from the minds of people the fear of the endless cycle of births and deaths; You also bring salvation to those who have sinned, Oh Goddess Sai maataa of Puttaparthi, Victory to You!)