1. j:g:t: j:n:n:i eS:v: s:aI S:kri m:at:a m:ah:ri p:av:t:i m:a AB:y: )daey:n:i A:n:d -ep:N:i m:at:a B:v:an:i m:a j:y: j:y: m:a kal:i kp:ael:n:i m:a j:y: m:a kal:i kp:ael:n:i m:a
  2. (Oh Mother, the Creator of the Universe! Oh Shankari, Maheshwari, Parvati (all appellations of Parvati), Thou art the form of Bliss, Thou art the One bestowing protection on all of us. Victory to Thee, Mother, Oh Kali (another name for the supreme Mother))