1. j:y: j:y: j:y: j:g: v:edn:i m:a j:y: p:rm:S: dy: v:aes:n:i m:a A:ed S:eVt: p:r b: sv:-ep:N:i j:y: j:n:n:i c:t:r v:d ev:l:aes:n:i S:aB:v:i m::ehn:i m:at:a B:v:an:i S:aB:v:i S:kri m::x: )daey:n:i
  2. (Victory to Mother, residing in our heart and to Whom the entire creation pays obeisance. Oh Mother of the Universe! Oh Giftor of Four Vedas! Thy Form is infinite bliss and infinite power. Oh Enchanting Mother Bhavani, Shambhavi and Shankari! Thou art bestower of liberation and salvation.)