1. j:n:n:i j:n:n:i s:ty: s:aI S:B: j:n:n:i j:g:t: kaerN:i p:erp:erN:i s:aI:ri j:n:n:i s:ty: sv:-ep:N:i j:n:n:i D:m: s:v:eD:n:i j:n:n:i S:at: sv:-ep:N:i j:n:n:i )m: )daey:n:i j:n:n:i
  2. (Oh Mother Sathya Sai, You are the great Goddess who ferries the entire world across the ocean of life and death. You give in abundant measure. You are the very embodiment of Truth. You, mother, are the one who promotes right conduct in people. You are the embodiment of blissful peace. You give selfless love in abundance.)