1. j:y: j:g:di:ri m:a j:y: p:rt:i:er p:av:t:i m:a S:at: sv:-ep:N:i s:m:D:r B:ae\:N:i s:dr -ep:N:i s:g:N: m:n::hri AeK:l:aNR:ri A:ed p:ra S:eVt: Ap:N::ri m:a A:n:d daey:n:i m:a s:dan:d daey:n:i m:a
  2. (Oh Goddess of the universe, Sai maataa, Oh Parvati, Embodiment of bliss, of gentle and soothing speech, of divine looks, brimming with divine qualities, Oh Goddess of the universe, Oh Primeval Power, Oh Perennial provider, Oh Bestower of eternal bliss, Victory to Thee, Mother.)