1. j:y: s:t::\:i m:a j:y: j:y: s:aI m:a m:g:l: kaerN:i m:a s:aI, s:kX haerN:i m:a e*:l::k p:ael:n:i m:a s:aI, e*:S:l:D:aerN:i m:a j:y: s:t::\:i m:a s:aI, j:y: j:y: s:aI m:a t:r ar K:_a y:i m:a, m:r p:ar kr: s:aI m:a eS:rRi en:v:aes:n:i m:a s:aI, p:ret: en:v:aes:n:i m:a
  2. (Victory to Thee, Hey Santhoshi Ma (a form of Shakthi). Victory to Thee Mother, the bestower of auspiciousness. Thou art the protector of the three worlds (earth, heaven and nether world) Victory to the One who weilds the trident. We stand at Your door step, help us cross the ocean of samsaara. You are the One who lives at Shirdi and Parthi)