1. j:y: eS:v: n:÷dn: j:y: j:g: v:÷dn: j:y: g::˛ri s:ět: p:aeh g:j:an:n: )N:v: sv:-p: p:r eS:v: n:÷dn: p:ret:p:ěri├:r s:aI g:j:an:n: j:y: s:v:­Ř├:r S:mB::­ n:÷dn:
  2. (Victory to Lord Shiva's son Ganesha who is adored by the whole world. Victory to You, son of Parvati. Protect us Oh Lord. Oh Primeval Spirit, son of Shiva, Thou hast come to us in the form of Sai Baba. Victory to Thee (in Your efforts to redeem the world))