1. m:a h m:a s:aI m:at:a j:g:t: j:n:n:i ... (m:a) v:iN:a v:aedn:i s:rsv:t:i m:at:a j:g:t: p:ael:n:i g::ri m:at:a Amb:a B:v:an:i l:xm:i m:at:a s:aI m:at:a j:g:t: j:n:n:i
  2. (Oh mother Sai, You are the mother of the universe; You are Saraswathi, goddess of learning who plays on the veena (musical instrument); As Gauri, You are the protector of the world; You are Bhavani, the divine mother; You are laxmii, goddess of wealth. Mother Sai, mother of the universe, You are all these Goddesses. (Let me prostrate before Thee))