1. m:g:l: S:B: kri m:at:a m:ah:ri Amb: B:v:an:i AeK:l:aNR:ri m:g:l: S:B: kri m:at:a m:ah:ri raj:iv:l::c:n:i raj: raj::ri A:ed p:ra S:eVt: :i p:rm::ri A:n:d -ep:N:i h eS:v: S:kri
  2. (Hey Mother, chief of Goddesses, the One who bestows auspiciousness, Hey Mother, Ambe, Bhavani (all different names for Shakti - the feminine form of Godhead), Goddess of the Universe, You are the One with beautiful eyes. You are the supreme Goddess, the ancient One, the embodiment of supreme Bliss)