1. n:ad b:m:y:i s:aI:ri B:g:v:et: m:at:a kp:a s:ag:ri n:ad b:m:y:i s:aI:ri v:rahi v:\N:v:i v:ag:i:ri m:at:ag:i m:ham:ay: m:keb:k p:rm::ri her s::dri B:v: B:y: haerN:i s:ty: s:aI:ri
  2. (Hey Mother Sai, You are the form of the sound of Brahman (Om). You are the ocean of compassion, You are Varahi, Vaishnavi, Vageeshwari, Mathangi, Mahamayee and Mookambike (all different names for Parvati). Oh Mother Sathya Sai, You are the destroyer of the fear of the cycle of birth and death)