1. Amb:a S:÷kri S:eS: S:­K:ri p:rm:­├:ri Amb:a s:v:­Ř├:ri j:g:di├:ri p:rm:­├:ri Amb:a s:ěndri g:ěN: m:÷j:ri eS:v: S:÷kri Amb:a kad÷b:ri ├:­t:a÷b:ri her s::­dri Amb:a
  2. (Oh Mother, Consort of Shankar, Giver of Bliss, Thou art the universal Mother Thou art the Cause of all and Queen of this world, Oh Mother Beautiful beyond words, Thou art the Repository of all traits and dearest to Lord Shiva Universal Effulgence emanates from You and being the ultimate Power, You are clad in brilliant white The Sister of Hari, Oh Mother of the universe, Oh Mother!)