1. n:aray:N:i v:d p:aray:N:i k,N:ant:reg:N:i N:rey:en:..(n:aray:N:i) kam:ax:i s:ndri katy:aey:n:i v:aN:i s:rsv:t:i ev:j:y:aeb:k v:ag::ri v:ag: dv:i j:n:n:i (2) ka,Ny: l:av:Ny: g:N:S:ael:en:
  2. (This song describes Goddess Parvati or laxmii. She is Naaraayani or the consort of Lord Narayana. She is the Vedas. She is our kindhearted intimate friend and mother. She is known by many names, Kaamaaxi, Kaarthyaayini, Vaani, Saraswathi, Ambike, Vaageshwari, Vaag devii Etc. She is our Goddess Mother and is full of kindness, charm and all the finest qualities.)