1. ! s:ty: s:aI m:at:a A:kar:ri s:aI m:at:a ..(! s:ty: s:aI m:at:a) s:ty: s:n:at:n:i s:aI n:aray:N:i s:dr v:dn: s:aI m:at:a..(! s:ty: s:aI m:at:a) edvy: sv:-ep:N:i din: s:rex:N:i dv:i s:r:ri s:aI m:at:a m:g:l: kaerN:i m::x: ev:D:aey:n:i m:j:l: B:ae\:N:i s:aI m:at:a
  2. (This is a description of Mother Sai. Mother Sai is the primeval Goddess. She is the embodiment of the "Pranava" Sound Om and of Truth. She is a divine beauty. She is the protector of the meek and humble. She always brings auspiciousness into our lives, rids us of the bondage of life and death so that we can revert to our true status of divinity. She is our Supreme Goddess, Sai maataa the soft spoken Goddess.)