1. p:ret:p:ri:ri k,N:a s:ag:ri m:a j:g:db: s:aI j:n:n:i e*:B:v:n: p:ael:n:i B:v: B:y: haerN:i j:g:d:aerN:i m:a ev:: ev:l:aes:n:i m:a dg:et: n:aeS:n:i m:a s:et: daey:n:i m:a
  2. (Oh Goddess of Puttaparthi, veritable ocean of kindness, Mother Sai, ruler of the three worlds, destroyer of the fear of the eternal cycle of birth and death, saviour of the entire world, Oh omnipresent One, Oh Mother You have always protected us from misfortunes that strike us and have assured us a life of truth and bliss. We bow to Thee Mother.)