1. s:d g:, s:aI s:rsv:t:i b: dv:i s:aT:i B:art:i m:g:l: m:j:l: v:ag: ev:l:aes:n:i v:iN:a v:aedn:i kl:av:t:i hs: v:aehn:i ev:a daey:n:i v:d m:at:a s:aI B:g:v:et:
  2. (Worship the Supreme Teacher, Sai - the auspicious embodiment of all learning and wisdom, adept in the art of producing sweet melodies on veena (Saraswathi), bestower of all knowledge, who has the celestial swan as vehicle. Oh Lord Sai, You are the Mother of Vedas.)