1. g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: g:j:an:n: es:e ev:n:ay:k b:al: g:j:an:n: m:g:l: kr: )B: ev:j:y: g:j:an:n: j:y: h S:mB:: S:kr n:dn: s:r n:r v:edt: p:jy: g:j:an:n:
  2. (Hey Gajaanana (Ganesha), the elephant faced One, the chieftain of the ganas; Vinaayaka (Ganesha), the One who helps us attain accomplishments, the child Ganesha; Victory to Thee Ganesha; Oh Lord, bring auspiciousness; Victory to Thee - the son of Shiva; You are worshipped by both Gods and mortals, the most holy Ganesha!)