1. g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: ev:n:ay:k m:hadv: s:D: m:g:l: day:k (g:j: v:dn:) v:d ev:aD:r ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k dy:a es:D: h D:ert: en:v:ark s:aI g:j:an:n: e*:B:v:n: D:ark
  2. (Oh elephant faced Gajaanana (Ganesha), the chieftain of the ganas; You are the son of Mahadeva (Shiva), the bestower of auspiciousness; You are the One who blesses the study of Vedas, the destroyer of obstacles; Oh Lord, the merciful One, the One who dispels misery; You are Lord Sai Gajaaanana (Sai in the form of Gajaanana))