1. g:N:n:aT: g:j: v:dn: g:N:n:aT: din:hrN: es:e dat:a eS:v: t:n:y: b:e )day:k g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: j:y: j:g:v:dn: y:g: y:g: v:dn: j:y: j:g:diS:
  2. (Oh Lord of Ganas, the elephant faced One, the One who dispels misery! You bestow boons, Oh son of Shiva! You bestow intelligence, Lord Ganesha! Victory to the One who is revered by the whole world, the son of Parvati! You are revered throughout the ages (Yugas); Hail Thee, God of the world)