1. b:al: g:j:an:n: n:m:: n:m:: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k n:m:: n:m:: p:av:t:i n:dn: n:m:: n:m:: es:e ev:n:ay:k b:e )day:k ev:j:y: g:j:an:n: n:m:: n:m:: g:g:aD:r s:t: n:m:: n:m:: l:b::dr h n:m:: n:m::
  2. (Reverential salutations to You, Young Ganesh, destroyer of obstacles, son of Parvati and Shiva; Granter of spiritual attainments and bestower of intellect, discrimination and determination, Victorious Ganesha, our salutations to Thee!)