1. >j:y: g:N:ray:a :i g:N:ray:a j:y: g:N:ray:a :i g:N:ray:a m:g:l: m:et: m::ery:a (2) es:e ev:n:ay:k m:g:l: dat:a (2) A ev:n:ay:k m:g:l: day:k m:g:l: m:et: m::ery:a (2) es:dr v:dn: p:kj: rm:N: (2) es:dr v:dn: p:kj: rm:N: g:N:p:et: b:ab:a m::ery:a (2) m:g:l: m:et: m::ery:a (2)
  2. (Victory to Lord Ganesh, the Lord who brings auspiciousness. Victory to Vinayaka (Lord Ganesh) who gives us all that we want. Victory to Lord Ganapathi who is adorned with Kumkum)