1. B:Vt: ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k B:eVt: m:eVt: )day:k B:Vt: kaex:t: day:k B:v: B:eVt: )day:k h dy:a en:D: g:N:p:t: din:b:D: kp:a en:D: A es:e ev:n:ay:k E m::x: )day:k A s:p:da day:k s:ep:al: ev:n:ay:k
  2. (Oh Vinaayaka (Ganesha) dispeller of all obstructions of devotees, The bestower of Liberation; You provide everything desired by devotees; You are the bestower of Devotion; Hey Ganesha, Thou art full of mercy and compassion; You are the friend of the meek; You bestow the eight boons, You bestow Liberation; Hey Ganesha, Thou art verily the keeper of creation)