1. j:y: j:y: j:y: j:y: p:jy: g:j:an:n: j:y: h S:mB:: N:ndn:..(j:y:) ev:Gn: ev:n:aS:k b:e )dat:a s:r n:r v:edt: h S:B: dat:a m::dk e)y: )B: b:al: g:j:an:n: n:m:: n:m:: h j:g: v:dn: (2)
  2. (Victory to Thee revered Ganesha! O son of Lord Shiva, dispeller of impediments, bestower of intellect, revered by mortals and immortals alike, O good and auspicious Ganesh, O world acclaimed One, our salutations to Thee.)