1. l:b::dr g:N: n:aT: g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: S:B:an:n: p:S:p:et: t:n:y: es:e ev:n:ay:k )N:v:akar S:mB: n:dn: p:ret:p:riS: s:aI g:j:an:n: h eS:v: n:dn: S:B:an:n:
  2. (Victory to the One with a big belly - Lord of Demi-Gods, son of Parvati, bestower of auspiciousness and success. You are in the form of the Primeval 'Om'. Thou art the life force of all Beings, You darling son of Shiva who resides in Parthi)